When Life Gives You Lemons, Sell Lemons Online

The past few weeks of the world-wide pandemic and quarantine measures left us in a situation we’ve never experienced before. Those employees who are working outside essential services and got to keep their day jobs, continue working “business-as-usual” from home. Meanwhile, nearly 1 million Canadians applied for EI due to job loss or unable to operate their businesses.

Are there winners in times like this? Microsoft Cloud services demand is up by 775% driven by their Virtual Desktop and Collaboration services. Netflix had to lower video quality due to increased demand. UberEats demand soars due to the pandemic. It’s becoming obvious that online services and shopping experience are transforming the way we live while also helping many get through tough times.

You can be a victim of circumstances, or you can choose to think and behave in a productive manner. You can choose to watch Netflix all-day long, or you can start building something that will serve you long-term. YOU choose whether you want to be a loser, survivor or winner.

Now is the best time for online businesses but many will find it challenging due to lack of knowledge and skills in digital marketing. How do you find an audience? How do you brand yourself? How do you leverage social media?

If you’re ready to start your online business, let’s do it together. Send me a line at olga@leadwithheart.ca

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